Angry Birds Golden Egg 24 Walkthrough

World 16, Level 9
Zoom out to see the egg on the top of the cave on the right. Use the second yellow bird (and time the speed burst right) to hit the golden egg.

Angry Birds Golden Egg 23 Walkthrough

World 15, Level 12
Zoom out to see the Golden Egg sitting in the top right. Use a yellow bird and time the speed right to get this egg. It’s also possible to get this egg with with white bird, but it’s a little more difficult.

Angry Birds Golden Egg Secret Super Bowl Rio (Egg 22)

World 13, Level 12
First zoom out. Then use the white bird to shoot the opposite way of the other birds and drop an egg pretty quick to send the bird straight up in the air. Get it to land on the other birds. Once you’ve gotten the Secret Super Bowl Egg, complete that egg level and you’ll see text on the egg that says “Rio”.

Angry Birds Golden Egg 21 Walkthrough

Receive 3 Stars in each level in Ham ‘Em High (Worlds 12, 13, 14, and Facebook Levels 1, 2, and 3)

How to get the Golden Egg star is included in this video

Angry Birds Golden Egg 20 Walkthrough

Zoom out all the way and you’ll see the Golden Egg in the top right of the screen. Launch the yellow bird at a high angle to get the egg. Check out the video below to view how to get the golden egg star.

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