Meet the Angry Birds Birds

What do the yellow birds do in Angry Birds? Do you have questions like these? See a description of the Birds from Angry Birds the game below.

  • Red Angry Bird

    Red Bird

    This is the most basic bird. It doesn't provide anything else when tapped. There is also a large Red Bird which is more powerful than a regular sized Red Bird.

  • Blue Angry Bird

    Blue Bird

    Launch the Blue Bird, then tap again to separate the bird into three smaller birds.

  • Black Angry Bird

    Black Bird

    This bird triggers on impact and then explodes a second later. You can also explode the egg when you tap it.

  • White Angry Bird

    White Bird

    Launch the White Bird, then tap again to drop explosive eggs.

  • Yellow Angry Bird

    Yellow Bird

    Launch the Yellow Bird, then tap again to give the bird a speed boost.

  • Boomerang Angry Bird

    Bonus: Boomerang Bird

    The boomerang bird is the latest bird to be added to Angry Birds. It does just what it says, launch it and then tap again for it to come back towards you.


  • li liang

    Big red bird?

  • li liang

    My favourite bird is the white bird because it is very funny to see it pooing.

  • rynell angelo r. pcheco

    White bird not good! Better green bird!

  • Green Pig Failure

    hate the green bird

  • angry birds

    hello me angry birds

  • angry birds

    angry birds rio yes

  • angry birds >.

    how to get boomerang bird?

  • kien serapio

    i love angry birds <3

  • reggh

    angry birds are awesome me and my dad like it

  • rhaeannemark

    i love all it is nice

  • ty

    i HATE the green bird. so annoying and finiky.

  • ty

    black bird all the way!

    • clarence

      angry birds seasons

  • jenniel jess

    i love the white bird bec.this is terrific

  • jenniel jess

    white bird is terrific

  • johnpaul

    wow thats cool

  • Tiago Martins da Silva

    And the Big Brother !? , and Mighty Eagle ?! and Female Red Bird!?, and Female White Bird !?

  • felipe

    my favorite in boomerang bird

    • vedad begic

      the boomrang bird is the best.

      • vedad begic

        I like 5 angry birds,the boomrang,the black bird,the mighty eagle,aaaaand…a new bird with a dark red skin,the new bird is bigger than the mighty eagle,but I still like the mighty eagle too.

  • aalleenn117

    i love the orange bird from ham’o’ween the newest edition to the angry family

  • stephen

    your forgeting a bird

    • ibrahim

      what bird

  • Derp

    Angry Birds Guide
    Y U No Golden Eagle?

  • kaung kaung

    I like all the angry birds.:-)

  • Paige

    I love the female red bird. Although there is none.

  • Bea

    Me too. I like the female red bird. So gorgous. Too bad there is none, paige. I would be really happy if she is there. I am always happy to see anywhere. I like it when the female and male red angry birds are together. Aww.

  • Kaung kaung

    Yeah yourself. I REALLY LOVE the boomerang bird. So amazing to see it fly by.

  • Derp

    I hate thr red bird. No power. So annoying!

  • Orange Boomerang Birds

    Forgot The Orange Bird The Big Brother

  • Orange Boomerang Birds

    I wanna see the Mighty Eagle!
    Please post also Big Brother and Orange bird soon……….

  • angry birds

    i want the mighty eagle pelese.

  • ibrahim

    I love the mighty eagle

  • ibrahim

    But Derp,the red bird does say something.

    • vedad begic

      I like 10 boomrang birds and 2 black birds and the mighty eagle on a golden egg level.I also like to have 3 yellow birds.

  • linda

    red angry bird is awesome

  • SOME1


  • sdrib yrgna (rotate)

    best is the zzzt ! from angry birds space
    ( he was yellow and speedy but now he is purple and has Sign-making capabilities)
    the second best is the big brother(real name of big red bird)
    & the third is the black bird

  • angry birds all the way !!

    ok all u ppl red,blue,yellow,white,black,boomerang,big brother,orange, and mighty all make a pretty good family ya know i dont want anymore birds i want all these only.

  • angry birds all the way !!

    i also think king pig should have a scepter it would be cool when ever he dissapears it goes in the air and explodes
    lol 🙂 and in cartoon birds hit it and it flies high in air then hitd king on head giving him bump

  • angry birds all the way !!

    mighty eagle should get hipnotized and work for pigs in an episode IDEA FOR BOSS PIG EAGLE WITH KING PIG ON HEAD defeat it by hitting him with sardines he flies away and king falls into pool with the evil octopus pig from piglantis
    🙂 😀

  • wellington andré vanderlei da silva

    Esse aplicativo é muito interativo bastante legal para os gêneros de todas as idades parabéns ao inventou desse jogo

  • tuhin

    black is the best most powerfull angry bird of the history really like a nuke bomb hehehehhe !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tegar

    Big Brother?
    Mighty Eagle?

    But, I Like Angry Birds Star Wars :-P, Angry Birds Space HD, Angry Birds Season, Halloween, Friends.

  • kiana

    The white bird doesnt help as good as others,but totaly a nice play.tnx

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