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Angry Birds Poached Eggs Levels 3-1 through 3-5 Walkthrough


  • Jean

    The 3-5 level is just impossible to do this way ! I spent hours on it and it doesn’t work !

    • Sue

      I did it in 2 tries, Jean.

    • Yea, it works. Don’t give up!

  • Khang

    why there are just 3 birds? The game that I downloaded has this level started with 5 birds???

    • More birds appear as you continue to play the game!

    • You can see all of the birds here.

  • Jgar

    i can only find videos with wood in the middle, the angry birds i downloaded from google chrome has glass and it wont break!!!

  • Jgar

    any ideas how to break the glass???

  • Tessa

    My 3-5 has glass on top instead of wood and I can’t get past it…

  • Tessa

    I mean stone not wood

  • crystal

    mine has glass too and I can not break it!!!

    • Ping Ling

      Glass replaced stone in the latest update on Android (other platforms probably too). Some levels were then changed to become “easier”. Anyway both versions can be passed with 3 stars.

  • Which device are you referring to? On an iPhone, use 2 fingers and pinch to zoom. Do the opposite motion with your fingers to zoom out ๐Ÿ™‚


    Aim for the first horizontal beam on bottom left and cave it in, in order to blow up the dynamite.

    • bein

      Yes – this works with 2 birds, 3 stars. My high so far 117350, trying to see if it’ll go higher…

    • monti

      THANK YOU MITZI! I have been trying for a 2 WEEKS to pass this thing, I went on to the next theme bc I thought I’d never get past it, I kept trying to break the glass. I tried your way twice and it worked thank you so much!

  • hh

    in level 3-1 i’m pointed 66550 points

  • agrwife

    For the Android version with the glass roof: To get 3 stars with 2 birds, launch the first bird straight up so it comes down a little left of the center of the roof’s peak. It should take out enough of the roof to leave the horizontal glass piece under the big pig exposed. Launch the second bird straight up and hit that glass piece, breaking it and exploding the TNT. It took 110,670 to get 3 stars.

    • Pwnage

      I finally got 3 stars using this method for the glass roof. I got 3 stars with a score of 110,330.

    • erynn

      I finally beat this darn thing with this technique. Thank you for providing this! I got 3 stars but I had to use all 3 birds. I got it with a score of 99380!

    • Steph

      thank you!!!! working on that one for days!!!! technique above worked.

  • Angry Birds

    Thanks for the information. I am loving angrybirds from the very first day and playing it everyday ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Amy

    Has anyone else had all three stars on 3-5 and lost one after updating with Mine and Dine? Kinda mean to do to us.

  • Angry Birds x )

    I have no idea how to pass 3-5, mine has glass and has way more pigs than that. Can anyone help me ?

  • Conor

    Mines 112410 thanks agrwife!!

  • stormy

    is that the 0.99ยข game

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