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Angry Birds Poached Eggs Levels 1-6 through 1-10 Walkthroughs


  • Michelle

    Does anyone know how to, reach the treasure chest please??

    • Check out this page. It might be beneficial to read through the comments as well. Hope this helps!

  • tessa

    we need help! HELP! ANGRY BIRDS PROBLEM!

  • tessa

    by ANY chance do you have a movie for angry birds world 1 poached eggs level 21 and 20?

  • penguinprincess

    we need A LOT OF HELP!!!!!!!!!!! WE NEED MORE INFO!

  • animaljamlover

    will you PLEASE make a video for level 13 on poached eggs world 1?????? 😀

  • chickensmoothierocks

    i love angry birds! 🙂 😀 <3

  • pk

    in level 1-10 hit the grass below the slingshot with the green bird and the egg will appear

  • pk

    if not,hit all the grass

  • pk

    this comment is for angry birds seasons EASTER EGGS

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