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Angry Birds Poached Eggs Levels 1-1 through 1-5 Walkthroughs


  • vineet subramani

    Level 1-5 is designed not to allow a 3 star finish. I got all the pigs with 1 bird and a High Score of 63740, and still got only 2 stars. Absurd!

    • I’ve gotten 3 stars. It takes a little bit, but don’t give up!

    • Carin

      I have also gotten 3 stars… Now for Level 6 – 19.. I have only gotten 2 each..

    • dianamarble

      Not true! I’ve gotten 3 stars all the way up until Level1-18. That’s why I’m here now….to get more clues…..

  • Theresa

    I have played level 5 about 20 times and beat my high score nearly every time, and I still only have 2 starts. This is getting really frustrating. I don’t think its possible to get 3 stars on level 5.

    • Theresa it’s possible I promise. Don’t lose faith and don’t let the pigs win!! Keep trying!

  • Theresa

    Well I didn’t do anything different but I finally got the 3rd star. No, I may get frustrated, but I never give up…………This game is so addicting though. Like a drug……

    • Couldn’t agree more!

  • Maggie

    I am having a hard time trying to launch the bird and get it to separate or divide into 3 birds – how do you do it on an Android??? Thanks for any suggestions

    • Carin

      Maggie…when you want the birds to break apart you just touch the screen at that point.. same for launching.. touch them, then slide your finger back and let go to launch.

  • Barbara

    cannot get any pigs level 9 How do I use more srtength?

  • Barbara

    birds separate?????????

  • tracy

    I cant get past game 3 on poached eggs level 5 i have tried for 3 days now what the heck?

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