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Angry Birds Poached Eggs Levels 1-16 through 1-21 Walkthroughs


  • alisha

    for 1-18 on top of that “dirt” if you will, there is a Google chrome sign and I want to try to get it but i can’t seem to get there. Can you post something for that?

  • Tessa

    You don’t need to get it, it’s only 500 points. But if you really want to, you have to use the yellow bird at an angle and click it to make it zoom up there. It might take a while but it works.

    • Thanks for helping out out Tessa!

  • darlene

    im new to this but im stuck on level one..done them all 3 times and wont go forward, on poached egggs, on chrome dimension its stuck on level 2. i have 3 stars on that one also. what do i have to do?

    • You should be able to keep advancing if you get 3 stars. If you swipe to the right you should see more levels within the game. Let me know if this helps. If not, could you give a little more detail for you problem? Thanks!

  • michelle

    are the golden eggs something you get once you achieve all 3 levels of poached eggs? I am trying to figure out the whole free game thing – and what about the seasons games? Am willing to pay – yes I am hooked, but cant find a site that expalins the whole thing. Got angry chrome downloaded free, but not sure about the rest. Anyone can advise? Thanks

    • Greg

      You get golden eggs for different things, some you get for completing episodes and some eggs are hidden in different areas of levels. See all the eggs here.

      As far as the games go, there are currently 3 Angry Birds games: Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio. It depends which device you’re playing the games with on the prices (I think). I know you can download each game for .99 cents on the iPhone.

  • Jackie

    What’s the secret to getting the bird to triple itself on 1-19? Does it just automatically do it if it goes high enough, or do you need to do something else? I’ve been stuck on this level for WAY too long!

    • Laura

      I am stuck on this, too!

  • Pilar

    ok, so I just CAN’T get the 3stars on 1-20!!!!!! >{ I’ve tried like a 1,000 times and just wont get past the 2 stars…… I’m doing just like in the video and just won’t work…… PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  • gvconrod

    one hello a game,ain’t it? i just started recently, poached eggs, and still trying to get 3starred on everything. I guess i can’t get enough of it.

  • Sharad

    I am unable to complete the level 62 in poached eggs, kindly give me some clues.

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