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Angry Birds Mighty Hoax Levels 5-6 through 5-10 Walkthroughs


  • martha

    impossible je ne suis pas capable de faire 5-7 c’est le seul qui me manque

  • dave

    Your own solution to 5-7 doesn’t give 3 stars !

    Is this level possible ?

  • davey

    ive been stuck on level 5-7 for ages, 3 stars on all other levels. Beginning to think it cant be done

  • William

    It can be done, use 2 yellow birds to take out small block in 1st column, this will cause column to fall ti left destroying ship and everything over there, then use red bird to push over box.

    • Jim


      Been working on this level for months. Tried your suggestion and got it first time!

  • Ron

    Yes thank you too, Great Solution 😉

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