Angry Birds Walkthroughs → World 4

Angry Birds Mighty Hoax Levels 4-16 through 4-21 Walkthroughs


  • Andrew

    This is supposed to be a 3 stars walkthrough. Why didn’t you show successful videos?

  • Dale

    I just started playing Angry Birds about a week ago.I’ve been stuck on 4-19 for the last 2 hours.I’ve played so long I had to recharge my Kindle Fire.I tried to do it the way the way the video shows but no matter what I try I can’t get the first bird to do near the damage the video shows.What’s up with that?????

  • wadi7879

    i want play angry bird

  • holly

    Ive finally beat angry birds, started playing in october of this year. Im now trying to get all thee stars in every level. Its a little hard but im doing my best.

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