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Angry Birds Golden Egg 6 Walkthrough

World 1, Level 8
Tap the Treasure Chest underneath the building

For Mac and PC: Type the word “open” on your keyboard to unlock this egg. Thanks to Dillan in the comments for this tip!


  • Alex Israelov

    Hi, I got this golden egg on the iPod Touch / iPhone version. The problem is that I can’t find out how to do it on the Mac version. I have a new MacBook Pro (the one with the backlight keyboard and big multi-touch trackpad) and the mouse pointer doesn’t show up during gameplay (thats normal). I even tried connecting a usb mouse to my laptop to get the mouse pointer to show, the pointer showed up but when I clicked on the chest nothing happened.

    • Hinz

      I am using Windows to play the Angry Birds, but I also can’t open the chest no matter how many times I have tap the chest…

    • alyssa lewis

      same heere

  • Dillan

    While in the level type the word “open” on your keyboard. At least that’s how to do it on the mac version.

    • This has been updated thanks to you. Great work Dillan!

  • Angry Birds PC XD

    Yep. Type ‘open’ for PC version as well to get this one 🙂

  • Anon


    type “open” u will get the Pause menu !

  • Dillan

    Do you have a mouse showing up as well? I recall reading somewhere that if you’re using a mouse (instead of a touchpad) you have to click on the treasure chest, and while holding, type open on the keyboard.

    Hopefully this works for you.

    • ashish

      it doesn’t work

    • Asim

      Thanks Dillan ur Comments works….

    • jhong

      thankz workz

  • pig

    FOR PC:

    press with the mouse + type “open” with keyboard

    by not pressing with the mouse it will only pause the game

  • Alexx

    For Mac, when you type “open” it’s like PAUSE, so you have to shot one bird and then type OPEN and the egg will appear. For Mac

    • Julio

      Thanks Alexx, your post work great for me.

    • rolanted

      thanks,i’ts working!!!!!!

  • Flavio

    The ‘open’ function on Mac only works if you’re using a mouse (instead a trackpad). I’ve tried a million times before realize it.

    • Griffin

      You don’t know how wrong you are I got it with my macbook pro’s trackpad the first time.

  • Dillan

    Flavio: Do you mean it only works if you’re using a trackpad (instead of a mouse)? Because I use a trackpad and it worked first try, no problems.

    • Flavio

      No, I meant what I said. I don’t know what happens but without a mouse, the hand doesn’t appear!

  • Dillan

    Yeah there’s no hand with a trackpad that’s for sure. For me, using the trackpad, pressing ‘p’ didn’t pause the level until I had already opened the chest. So the first time I typed ‘open’ there was no pausing, but henceforth it pauses. So there was no need for the hand, but from what I understood when the game recognizes the mouse it gives you a hand which you have to use in synchronization with the ‘open’ command. I assume you attached a mouse and held down on the chest while you typed ‘open’?

    • Flavio

      Yes, that’s what I did (hold and type). Since the first time, when I press ‘p’ to type ‘open’, it pauses the game. I guess it works different in different computers and OS’s.

  • Rhiawna

    So how to you tap the chest when you’re playing from your phone? I keep tapping the screen everywhere and can’t get the egg.

    • Rizjaan

      hi rhiawna
      did you get sollution on phone
      same i got problem

  • Alex

    I was very confused about this too–I got a Macbook Pro about a month ago and so it has the latest software.
    I played the level a few times until I got it with one bird, and then realized I couldn’t click the egg. After reading a lot of websites, I tried some of the things. I shot one bird, then typed open (no capitalization or anything–I don’t think that matters), and I got the egg.
    Afterwards, I typed “open” again, and THEN the menu popped up with the P.

  • Kristin

    I tap the treasure chest on my iPod Touch and nothing happens. Help please!

    • I’ve tapped the chest, and that seems to work for me. Maybe try restarting your iPod Touch.

  • lol

    i just type open work for me~! thanks~!!!

  • Vince


  • Anna

    If you play the game in window mode (command + f), the hand is always shown and you can tap the treasure chest.

  • Kristin

    Still need help on how to unlock the chest using my Ipod Touch. Thanks!

  • Anders


    If you want the golden egg PRESS and HOLD the mouse on the chest and the same time you type “open” its a bit tricky on a macbook.

    i did it first time in 1-8

  • travis

    For ipad. Shoot the first bird. Then tap the chest

  • Chris

    I have a mac running snow leopard. I cannot get the last egg in 1-8. I’m holding down the mouse on the treasure chest and type “open.” Nothing happens. I release it and the game goes back to normal. No egg. I’m using an iMac 20″ flat panel and have tried every combination possible. I even reloaded the game but nothing helps. I need one egg to get to the next level and have three stars on everything. Rovio doesn’t answer emails. What else can I try? thanks

  • lamya

    Thank you for the piece of advice to pick up the egg on the level 1-8, it works for me 🙂

  • Jojo Chu

    I use android and the golden egg doesnt appear although i keep tapping the chest and it doesnt work even i shoot the birds

  • sweets

    For PC: Click left and right buttons on the mouse together with also typying the word ‘open’. It worked for me!

  • Laura

    If you are using a MACBOOK, this is how to open the chest:

    1) open level 1-8
    2) press command-f so you are in the mode where the hand shows up all the time
    3) dump one bird
    4) use the hand to click and hold the chest while you type Open (that first capital O is important)
    5) if it hasn’t opened yet, use the second bird and aim a little high, so you don’t hit the piggie on the bottom level, but hit above him

    That worked for me. Nothing else did.

  • Christina

    How do you get the star once you’ve gotten the egg? I don’t see a walkthrough for the star.

  • justin

    i opened it its so hard to type because when i press the p button the setting pops out but i tried and tried until i get it

  • Susan

    I just downloaded Angry Birds on my iMac. I can move the hand around the screen and make it “grab” by left clicking with a mouse, but it doesn’t pick up anything. I’ve never played angry birds before, so I guess I don’t know what I’m doing. Can someone help me with the VERY basics!


    • Susan

      How stupid! All I needed to do was restart my computer, so ignore my question. FUN game!

  • Kenneth Ho

    I try just now,it works!!
    Just get into the 1-8,do nothing but click and hold on the treasure and type “open” instantly…
    It won’t goes the the PAUSE at the very 1st time.

    Thanks to all dude^^

  • angry nerd

    wich level is this??

  • hddexpreso

    For those that used Windows version:

    1. Get into 1-8
    2. Throw one bird and notice the hand will change to finger.
    3. Quickly point the finger to the treasure box and type open.

    This must be done before the bird you throw hit the ground. I advise you try to throw as high as possible because you got more time.

  • robert

    i clicked on the chest and held the butten down then typed open and woot it worked for me thanks

  • it wont let me do it on pc i need help tryed lyk a 1000 times

  • Rizjaan

    can some one tell me how to unlock on mobile
    thank to all in advance

  • libby

    I can’t find the pointing finger on my computer screen (it’s been there before!)

  • Rizjaan

    hi all
    i just got it golden egg
    on nokia n8 after first bird shoot tab many times on the chest and you will get the egg without writing anything.

  • NT

    FINALLY! I kept tapping and tapping – knowing that us PC/Mac users have to actually type in a word makes all the difference! Now I have my pretty little egg. 🙂

  • C

    I’m on PC and I can’t get the treasure chest open. I haven’t seen a hand or fingers, just my normal mouse pointer. I’ve tried typing “open” and nothings happened 🙁

    • zer


      I have the same as you. I’m playing on chrome version. And I type but nothing appears !

  • Rm2nks

    I am having same problem am using chrome version and i dont have a little finger just reg pointer and i have tried everything and it will not open?…please

  • AnnoYedBird

    I am using windows and clicking the mouse buttons and typing “open” doesn’t work for me at all.. HELP!

  • groovy

    On the PC, zoom in all the way on the chest with the mouse scroll button. Then click on the chest and hold. Then type in “open” on the keyboard.
    Worked for me.

  • Jake

    On the Mac, if you don’t zoom out and the type “open” it works, if you zoom out first and then try it all you get is the pause menu when you hit the “p” button. There are several ways to zoom back in, Double click or use the scroll wheel to zoom back in. I hope this helps others as I just figured it out myself.

  • sherry

    I’ve typed in open and clicked then typed open, I’ve even threw my first bird and typed open and nothing happens. I’m on google chrome and facebook. What am I doing wrong!!! Please Help!!! These chest are driving me crazy!!! LOL

  • kram

    while i’m in the level 8 type the word open

  • Brian

    I am playing Angry Birds on Roku (on my TV). there is no way to type and i hit the exact spot as the video and nothing happens…
    any help for Roku players??

    • Tom

      Yes!! After much trial, I found you can use the B button on the remote to get the golden eggs that require typing or clicking.

  • bart

    Use the button on the bottom of the controller … does not mater where the finger is


  • Siah

    That’s great. Thanks Dillan and you all! I think I clicked more than thousands time and nothing happened! but now I have all the golden eggs and I can sleep at least!!

    • Court

      How did u do it? I’m developing a callus from tapping the chest & trying the same shot from the video over & over! Ugh, please, any help appreciated!

  • Court

    Cannot get to the golden egg in the chest in cave on my Droid mobile! Please help, it’s the only 1 I have left to get! Can’t just stop now!

    • Tif

      Launch the bird, then scan over and tap the treasure chest frantically. That worked for me.

  • Ian


  • koren

    does it work with ipad 3

  • Tif

    To answer the DROID questions, launch the freaking bird, scan over, and tap on the treasure chest consistently. I don’t know how many time, but after I kept tapping frantically I got the egg.

  • Becky

    I am playing on my iPhone and have tried everything all of you said and nothing happens….I noticed that all you were giving tips on pc and Mac and iPad and itouch
    , but what about iPhone,



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