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Angry Birds Golden Egg 4 Walkthrough

Receive 3 Stars in each level in Poached Eggs (Worlds 1, 2, and 3)


  • Hunter

    Wheres all the star in poached eggs

    • You need to receive 3 stars in each of the levels inside “Poached Eggs”

  • Joe

    We have all 3 stars in all 3 levels of poached eggs and we have that golden egg but we don’t know how to play for the star of this golden egg.
    Can you tell me how pls?

    • Mel

      ditto not sure how to play either…

  • MeeToo

    Mee Too? How do you play that game once you have the golden egg? It looks like you get to build a level or something, but nothing moves when tapped. HowToPlay??????

  • Hornsby

    The Angry Birds Soundboard is the first of the puzzle levels. Here’s what you need to do. Press the group of birds, slingshot, TNT, any top bird, and finally any bottom pig.

    It kicked my but too.

  • hgtunafish

    Click on the sunshine a lot until a golden egg pops up

    • claudp

      I have two bonus levels that nothings is happening in, one with a radio and another with three black bombs and five other birds, their eyes move but nothing else, I tried tapping on the sunshine but nothing, I moved the radio knob but nothing please help!

  • Elma

    @ Hornsby thank you! It works and got me the star I need!

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