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Angry Birds Golden Egg 3 Walkthrough

On any level, tap pause, tap the question mark, and then tap the check mark until the white bird shows up. Then play that screen as if it were an actual level.


  • Wello

    You only have to tap on the golden egg to get it.

    • I believe I had to play the level, but glad that worked for you!

  • Alex

    How about on a Mac? the help screen is different..

  • Bart

    I’m playing a Mac and there’s no way I get 3 birds in the first shot.

    Also, how do I pause on a Mac to get the 3rd golden egg?

    • Mark Alexander

      Hit the ‘esc’ key, then click on the question mark for instructions. Click on the check mark until the white bird appears, then click on the egg.

    • BB

      I’m on a Macbook, I get “3” birds by clicking on the bottom left of the track pad.

  • Keesha

    Does anyone know how to get the chest open on the Roku 2?

    • Skyblade42

      On the Roku 2, you just have to press the A or B key (don’t remember which) a couple of times and the egg will pop out of the chest.

  • mafia don

    i can not find 3rd golden egg in angry birds friends… plzzz help me ……

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