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Angry Birds Golden Egg 21 Walkthrough

Receive 3 Stars in each level in Ham ‘Em High (Worlds 12, 13, 14, and Facebook Levels 1, 2, and 3)

How to get the Golden Egg star is included in this video


  • Wackette

    Thank you for all the hints and tips, how do I solve the Golden Egg screen with all the birds on the top, the TNT and boards in the middle and the pigs on the bottom? Sorry I do not know which number it is.

    • Which episode? Which world?

    • Jap

      click first group of angry birds, then the slingshot, then red bird and last a pig(any)

  • Ikir

    Nice, thanks! I don’t get he sense of this but it is fine anyway 😛

  • Mark Alexander

    There is a bug in the Mac version. (I have filed a bug report with Rovio.) After getting the Golden Egg, if you attempt to play this level, nothing happens (you cannot move the squeezebox or press any of its keys) and the background music is disabled. Quitting and relaunching re-enables the music but does not fix the problem.

    • Han

      It didn’t work first. But when you push first the white key above and then the squeezebox some time as far as it goes then the star appears.

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