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Angry Birds Golden Egg 20 Walkthrough

Zoom out all the way and you’ll see the Golden Egg in the top right of the screen. Launch the yellow bird at a high angle to get the egg. Check out the video below to view how to get the golden egg star.


  • ann

    Y I can’t ply world 14 even I get all star n golden egg?

  • christina

    Why are there only 20 gold egg help videos when there are 22 gold eggs?

  • Sue

    My angry birds game has frozen up on my iPad. How do I fix it?

    • Just try turning the iPad off, then on. That should fix it.

    • kz

      Turning off and on doesn’t work. Still frozen. Can hear sound. Hate to think I have to uninstall and buy again.

    • Have you tried closing out that single app? Double click the home button and you’ll see a list of apps currently running on you iPad. Then tap and hold down on the Angry Birds app to close it.

  • Cheryl

    Hi Greg: Thanks for your advice to KZ on frozen Angry Birds….I had the same problem and I tried what you suggested and it worked!!

  • Donna

    My angry birds game is frozen on my ipad2. I don’t have a home button. What to do?

    • I’m not sure what you mean here Donna. Could you explain more? Every iPad comes with a home button. It’s the physical button underneath the screen.

  • Josh

    At Angry Birds Rio the game said it was not responding.What should I do?

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