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Angry Birds Golden Egg 17 Walkthrough

Receive 3 Stars in each level in The Big Setup (Worlds 9, 10, and 11)

How to get the Golden Egg star is included in this video.


  • Whitney

    I have this eggg, but only the big red pig shows up. I don’t have any of those other green ones. Once I click (or hit) the red pig it only makes noise..what is up?

  • martin

    same here whats the deal????

  • You have to turn on all of the pigs, touch the red bird on the bottom, and then slide the bird to the right. Hope this helps!

  • drew

    That does not work. I have the same issue as above. There are no pigs to turn on. I don’t see the bar above the bird where u can turn the pigs on. All I see is the sunset that is behind the bar. The bird is there and the only thing I can do is make him squak and go disappear.

    • drew

      This is on a Droid Inc. If that makes a dif.

    • Hmm, that’s strange. Maybe try closing out of the game and shutting down the phone to see if that helps. I haven’t heard of this problem.

      Anyone have any ideas for Drew?

    • drew

      I have tried a battery pull and still have the same issue. maybe an issue with the game and the Droid phones or the inc. its self.

    • drew

      Update from rovio for Droid fixed my prob.

  • Phil

    Has there been any development on this issue, I have an HTC Desire and this is my first problem with the game. Other than that it’s the BEST game going.

    • This isn’t an official Rovio site, but you can always try contacting them if you’re having trouble.

  • Phil

    Rovio have said …. The Golden Egg level 17 has a bug that will be fixed in the following update.

    • Well that’s good news Phil! The update (I’m guessing) might not be too long for you. They just pushed another update to the iPad a few days ago, so it might come soon.

  • selena

    Have same issue as drew n read something about frog w/ helmet which I don’t seem to have

  • josh

    All I see is the red bird also and no pigs…. I have a sprint HTC Evo which runs on the Android market

  • Jonny

    I have the same problem with an Xperia X10. I hope when the update comes I will not to do all the levels again!!!

    • I highly doubt you’d have to redo any levels. I wouldn’t worry about that.

  • Stacey

    Having the same problem as Drew, any word on an update? (Motorola Droid)

    • Not that I know of. Anybody have any ideas for Stacey?

  • joe

    I have same prob as drew and others…red bird only, no pigs, on gold egg #17. Question for iPhone users, once you beat this what happens? This is the only thing I have left to do….I have all 17 gold eggs and 3 stars on all levels. Is there some grand parade, confetti, other celebration that happens when u complete everything? Thx, Joe from Charlotte, NC.

    • Ha, no confetti or parade… however Rovio’s still releasing new levels. Now there’s a new golden egg for the “Ham ‘Em High” level. Basically there’s no end in sight right now for the game.

  • Jonny

    The iphone game got bigger last month. There is a new level Hang em High. So i think no confetti just yet. I hope the android update will be here soon.

    • I think Rovio has said that it will be updated soon. I think the Android game is just as popular as the iPhone game now, so I’m sure they’re working hard at getting it released.

  • issac

    same problem as everyone else on mytouch 4g. ham em high hasn’t been released for my phone yet. hope they make that release and update the egg 17 fix soon!!

  • Mark Alexander

    On the Mac version, after filling in all the pigs and sliding the bird, you must click on the bird to start the animation and get the star. (While the animation is running, slide the bird to control the speed.)

  • drew

    After the new update from rovio for angry birds and the Droid phone all is working now plus new levels.

  • Mike

    I got the egg, but, I can’t get off this egg, on my ipad2. The back button doesn’t work, I’m stuck on the forever, help

    • Have you tried closing out the app? Double tap the home button on the iPad, then tap and hold down the Angry Birds app icon. You’ll see a red close icon appear… tap that.

  • Mike

    Thanks, Greg, but, all I did was succeed in erasing the app from the double tap to home. It’s still on my home page and still goes to that golden egg and stays there. I can no longer play the game.

    • I’m not sure I follow you entirely. Try closing out the app, like I suggested in the previous comment. Also, restart your device as well. This usually fixes many problems.

  • Mike

    Well, bear with, I am computer stuff, illiterate. While I was on the page, I double tapped the home button, I was still on the golden egg page, but, at the bottom, my home page stuff came up. I tapped and then held down the Angry Birds app. A red minus sign appeared, I tapped that. It disappeared, but, did nothing to get me off the golden egg page. I have been restarting my device for 2 days now and every time I tap on the Angry Birds app, I go straight to the golden egg page with no way of getting off the page or stoping the sound, unless I just go to my home page.

    • Ok, try this Mike… Go to the home screen of your iPad (the screen where you can see all of your apps), now double tap the home button. Close out each one of the apps open by tapping and holding like you did before. Now restart the iPad. This should work, I don’t see why it shouldn’t considering you’re closing the game.

  • Mike

    I finally got off of it. Thanks for your help.

  • Mike

    Thanks! This rocks

  • Ash

    What happens after one gets all 17 eggs? Do we get another level to play or anything? Thanks!

  • Chris

    I have achieved 3stars i big set up theme 9,10,11 and did not get golden egg 17. What can i do next?

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