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Angry Birds Golden Egg 11 Walkthrough

Go to the World 8 screen where you view all of the levels. Slide that page to the left to reveal the egg.

How to get the Golden Egg star is included in this video

For Mac and PC: Drag to the left as you are holding down the mouse button inside the frame where the levels are. Thanks to Kristian in the comments for this tip!


  • Mark Alexander

    This doesn’t appear in the Mac version (perhaps previous Golden Egg stars are needed, or there’s a keyboard command?)

  • Sierra

    On mac you have to look for it in episode 3

  • Mark Alexander

    By “episode 3” I assume you mean World 8, Level 3…is it the trophy, or the treasure chest?

  • Ltd

    On PC (i assume same on mac) you cannot slide level 8 to the right…
    As egg on level 1-8 you have to type “open” I tried to type all sort of things like right, etc but no go.

    on level 8-3 I destroyed everything (once managed to kill them all with the first bird alone!) but nothings happening neither…

    Looked quite a lot on forums cant do it

  • Kristian

    On mac you just drag to the left as you are holding down the mousebutton innside the frame where the levels are.

  • Ltd

    Thx Kristian.
    Tried it here not working… Special PC feature or just mine?

    Thing is, usual move to go right (or left) is not dragging but clicking the arrow 🙁 Is it the same on mac or can you also drag normal levels? (like you said, clic, hold, move to the left)

    Tried it again on fullsreen; windows; everywhere, big drag, etc. frustrating.

  • Ltd

    Stupid me, I had to read carefully what you said : INSIDE THE FRAME. its hidden there cool thx mate

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