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Angry Birds Danger Above Levels 6-11 through 6-15 Walkthroughs


  • Mina Moss

    Love this site! You’ve helped me keep my frustration level down so many times! 🙂

    • Thanks Mina, glad this site can help you out! Like us on Facebook if you get a chance!

  • Kay

    I’ve just got the new RIO Birds ! However, since loading the app ALL SOUND on Rio and other Angry Birds apps has gone. Anyone else have this problem – How do I get sound back on the apps. Any help welcomed – Thanks. K

    • That’s strange? Have you tried closing out the app completely? Maybe try restarting your device as well. That solves a lot of problems usually. What device are you using?

  • Kay

    Hi Greg – Using iphone4 – Thanks for advice – All is fine with sound again – Thanks. Do you know how you enter MAY 2011 level? Also – once you have collected all bananas and pineapples are you s’posed to do something in the awards screen as with the eggs? My screen is frozen – but shows all items collected. Thanks. K

  • babd

    i passed it yay 🙂

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