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Angry Birds Seasons Trick or Treat Level 3-3 Walkthrough


  • Twok

    I only did it with one yellow bird and my score was 116750 points. I threw the yellow bird in the first pig (left lower corner on top of rock) threw the four wood sticks and everything fell.

    • Glad that worked for you!

  • Nonya

    This Isthe worst level to get 3 stars by far. This method is the most absurd I’ve seen. I can do the method where you bounce the bird on top of the pumpkin but it never takes out the wall and usually cracks the pumpkin. I hate this level immensely.

    • Nonya

      Finally got it with this method, thanks.

  • IcallBS

    Doesn’t go that way with ipad.
    Just. Doesn’t. Go. That. Way.

    Poor game design. Poor quality. Never another Rovio product.

  • nadeem ahmed

    actually there is a bug in this level , in the walkthru you will notice that there is a stick smooth at the right side where all the right side building is standing , but in the FACT and reality that stick is not smooth , it smooth in the first 3 seconds when the level starts or restarts and u will notice it changes its position after 3 seconds and thus it is a bug and thats y it is not gone demolish all the building in one go .

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