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Angry Birds Seasons Seasons Greedings Level 22 Walkthrough


  • Deltarho

    I have all the stars collected till now with 1,704,950 points earned (36,739 worldwide). The first one has 6,710,690 points.
    How is that possible?

    P.S. Great site

    • I’m not sure what you’re asking here? What do you mean by “the first one”?

  • Deltarho

    I mean that now (day 23) I’m @ 32,695 place (with 1,782,250 points and 69 stars) in Greedings Total Score Leaderboard in GameCenter. The leader is Concussed99 with 7,013,010 points, then shoghicp with 4,530,390. How is it possible to achieve so many points?

    • I’m not exactly too sure. I’m not positive, but some are saying that people hack the game to achieve more points.

  • Deltarho

    I think so. It seems it is quite easy using SSH via MAC/PC.
    Quite stupid although.

    Thanks for your answers.

    • david

      so what’s a reasonable score to achieve with all stars? I have 5,795,400 and all stars including the golden egg and gift level but still rank somewhere in the 50,000s.

  • michael

    for seasons greeding (Xmas version) , i got 2226110, ranked 711 for “All Time”. #1 /#2 / #3 got over 7000000 points while #4 got 4500000 points, #5 onward got 2488060 points or below. Anyone got ideas how the first 4 player such high outlying score ?

    • Like I said before, I “think” people might hack the game. I’m not positive though.

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