Angry Birds Seasons Easter Golden Eggs

For the game Angry Birds Seasons for the PC, Mac, and other Mobile devices.

Easter Golden Eggs 9 - 19

  • Egg 9

    Get 3 stars in all levels of Easter Eggs

  • Egg 10

    Level 1-2 This egg is located in the grass closest to the slingshot.

  • Egg 11

    Level 1-6 First zoom out. Use a yellow bird to hit the golden egg on top of the hill on the far right side of the screen.

  • Egg 12

    Level 1-7 Use the white bird and drop a bomb in front of the concrete blocks behind the slingshot to get this egg.

  • Egg 13

    Level 1-8 Hit the tnt box under the slingshot by bouncing a red bird off the checkered wall under the first concrete block.

  • Egg 14

    Level 1-9 Zoom out and fly a bird off the screen and towards the bottom left portion of the screen. There should be an explosion and you should then get the egg.

  • Egg 15

    Level 1-12 Hit the donut on the right side of the screen with the green bird. The golden egg then drops down and you can use one of the other birds to hit it.

  • Egg 16

    Level 1-15 First, break the patch of grass behind where the slingshot is and a round block of wood will appear on the ground in front of the slingshot. Hit that piece wood and the Golden Egg will drop down and start swinging. Use another bird to hit the golden egg.

  • Egg 17

    Level 1-14 This egg is in the grass closest the slingshot at the bottom of the hill.

  • Egg 18

    Level 1-10 Hit the patch of grass beneath the slingshot on the side of the hill and the egg will swing down from the top of the screen.

  • Egg 19

    Level 1-16 Hit the four-leaf clover that is to the left of the slingshot and it will trigger the block underneath the Golden Egg.

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