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Angry Birds Rio Smugglers’ Den Level 1-5 Walkthrough


  • Lynda

    I finished all levels of smugglers den with 3 stars. How in the heck does the next level jungle escape unlock – I paid for this game and want to play.

    • What device are you using. iOS and Andriod should both let you advance to the next level.

  • Doctor

    @Lynda. I was having the same problem. I found your question surfing the web in hopes of an answer. To my dismay, no answer. On the other hand, I found some where it said 30 levels for the first area, den whatever. Unlike previous Angry Birds games it does not have a dot or two at the bottom to signify another page. My theory is you only completed fifteen levels, there are fifteen more awaiting you, just slide the screen over on the levels menu. Hope this helps.
    ~ The Doctor

    • Thanks for the tip Doctor!

  • Emily

    Im on this site on my htc phone, how do i get to the walkthrough for level 2-14?

  • vv

    hi guys
    how to shoot 3 birds in rio version plz help

    • If you’re referring to what birds perform what action, check out this link. The blue bird shoots out 3 different birds when you tap on it.

  • andrei

    its very helpful

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