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Angry Birds Rio Smugglers’ Den Level 1-11 Walkthrough


  • amie

    i am in level 1-17 whay do i not find any info anywhere on the web for this level they all stop at 1-15????

    • Peter

      same here… 1-17 and can’t find any help.

  • reondre

    i need 1-17 too….i guess i’m not the only one who can’t pass it

  • Alice

    Same. 1-17. Impossible to find :L

    Really annoying since I can’t get any further!

  • anygirl

    Me too. This is the first place I found that even mentions 1_17! It’s SO annoying. What is wrong with people that no one answers!?!

  • ashley

    I completely agree!!! I also need help with level 1-17 but i cant find info on it anywhere. Someone please help!!!

  • anygirl

    I did it!! I don’t remember how, but I did it. The part that kept me stuck was that one bird on the very bottom next to the cement square.

  • Mike J

    I just got into the angry birds thing here. I want to know why my level 17 hasn’t opened up yet, it still says coming soon. And I’d like to know where the chest egg is.

  • Mike J

    I’m on roku so how do I tap the chest to open it. I can’t seem to find out how.

  • Brooke

    It’s the same as Smuggler’s Den 2-9

  • iris

    why is there no walktrough for level 1-17!!!!

  • gme

    I never found a walkthrough, but I did finally mangage to get it. I don’t know how to copy it to youtube, so the best I can do is explain what I did. The first red bird, I pulled back to the bolt and let it arch up and fall on the tallest column. If you hit it just right, it will make the whole column collapse which sets off a chain reaction and most of the whole scene collapses. The second bird (yellow) I shot straight across to wipe out as much of the fallen wood as possible. The other birds just finished off what was left. Sorry I couldn’t be more descriptive, but I think the first bird hitting the tall column is the key.

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