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Angry Birds Rio Jungle Escape Banana 5 Location

This banana is located in level 3-12 Jungle Escape.


  • Cristina

    i have completed smugllers den and jungle escape, how to i move on theo May 2011? Do i have to get 3 starts on each game to unlock next phase? Thank you!

    • If you’ve got an iOS device or Andriod, an update came out today. I wrote about it here.

  • vicki

    hi any one help me i cant get mays thank

  • Kut

    When will the guide for Beach Volley be available? There’s 1 watermelon that I can’t find!!

  • Kut

    To Francesca, you managed to find all 15? I am still looking for the very last one…already got all 3 stars days ago, except this one last watermelon!

  • Francesca

    I only had 14 when I posted. I found the last one I needed in level 6-2 in the little patch of grass under the sling shot.

    • All the watermelons are now posted!

    • Kut

      Francesca, I did find the one in 6-2, just found that I missed the one in 5-15!!

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